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GivingGrow is a good SNS that communicates and shares through images donated by users around the world, sharing information through pictures taken by each other, with a sustainable donation model. The GivingGrow app is available worldwide in English, German, French, Spanish, Chinese and Korean.

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How to Giving

Every picture you take can be a picture to help someone.
GivingGrow is the easiest way to donate to help the world with your smartphone.

  • giving step1

    Pick a photo

  • giving step2

    Choose a doation place

  • giving step3

    Donation completed!

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What is Donee

When donating photos, must choose one of the donation place. The sales proceeds raised by each donation will be donated directly or indirectly to the donation.

  • Baby

  • Medical

  • Disaster

  • Water

  • Food

  • Refugee

  • Animal

  • Rehabilli-

How to use Picture

The photos you free download or purchase can be used for commercial and personal purposes such as student · employee reports, designs, homepages, mobile, articles, backgrounds of smart devices, and picture frames.

(However, resale is not allowed.)

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  • This homepage / service used images from GivingGrow
  • This report / research / article uses images from GivingGrow.
  • Mobile
    Web wallpapers
  • Report
    Research Report
  • Frame · Interior
  • Homepage · APP
    Content creation

Request Donation

You can turn your photo into a donation.
Try turning your photo into a donation feed.
If someone buys your donation picture, the purchase amount will be donated to the place you specify.

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Free Giving, Free Use,
Sharing Economy

Free license

  • Anyone can donate for free.
    (Please donate the pictures I took for free.)
  • Free donated images use free for everyone.
  • GivingGrow aims at a mutually shared
    economic platformthat donates and uses for free.
  • If you reveal the source of GivingGrow, anyone can use it for free.
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Why provide help

There are still many places in the world that still need my weakest help.
The world can become more equal due to technology.
GivingGrow strives to make the world more equitable with new ICT technologies.

  • "Easiest donation via mobile"
  • "Growth through donations, donations to help grow"
  • "With just a few finger taps,
    you can make a difference in the world."

Growth through donations,
donations to help grow